Program Technology and environmental management


Bachelor Degree
ProgramB.Sc. (Environmental Science and Technology)
MajorEnvironmental Science and Technology

The program produces graduates with knowledge, abilities, and skills in both theory and practice in environmental science and technology. The graduates are able to apply the knowledge in natural resources and environmental management for sustainable development of the country when working in both public and private sectors.

Master’s Degree
ProgramM.Sc. (Environmental Technology and Management)

Produces graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge in Environmental Technology and Management. The program aims to foster graduates with comprehensive knowledge of natural resources and environment for sustainable development. The graduates are able to integrate knowledge in related scientific fields and to extend the knowledge and skills for research development and solving environmental problems.

Doctoral Degree
ProgramPh.D. (Environmental Technology and Management)

Produces qualified graduates with academic excellence and expertise in both theoretical and advanced research. The graduates are capable of developing applied research and transferring knowledge in technology and environmental management, as well as creating new knowledge with both national and international acceptance. In addition, the graduates are able to apply comprehensive knowledge and skills for resolving and managing environmental issues of the country.