Environmental Science

About the department

Department of Environmental Science was established in 18 November 1975 which was former the Graduate Program in Environmental Science and opened for its first student in 1975. Thereafter it was change to Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Environmental Science in 1992 and established the College of Environment in 12 December 1999 and Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Environment in 30 July 2012.


  • Bachelor program
    B.Sc. (Environmental Science and Technology)
    – Field of Environmental Management
  • Master program
    M.Sc. (Environmental Science)
  • Doctoral program
    Ph.D. (Environmental Science)
  • Courseset “Science in Environmental Management for Security and Sustainability”
    B. Sc. (Knowledge of the Land for Sustainable Development)

Department of Environmental Science has the philosophy in developing human resources in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree who is skillful in integrated the specific knowledge and response to the social needed in environmental quality improvement which is a dominant feature in multidisciplinary. Moreover, the students will have the opportunity on technical experience in research, environmental impact assessment (EIA), health impact assessment (HIA), social impact assessment (SIA), environmental impact assessment report (EIS) and environmental monitoring. The graduates from the department hav opportunity to peruse higher education and work in government, state enterprise and public including independent organization which was acknowledged for more than 40 years

Department research groups

(1) Physical Environment Research Group (PERG)

  • – Atmospheric Sciences
  • – Global Changes
  • – Air Pollution Modeling
  • – Noise Pollution
  • – Vibration
  • – Wave
  • – GIS
  • – Sustainable Energy

(2) Eco-Science Community Research Group (ESC Research Group)

  • – Water Pollution and Control
  • – Soil Pollution and Control
  • – Environmental Soil Science
  • – Visual Pollution
  • – Ecotoxicology in Tropical Zone
  • – Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • – Eco-Development and Control
  • – Aquatic Environment and Management
  • – Marine and Coastal Environment and Management
  • – Terrestrial Ecology
  • – Resource Conservation Ecology
  • – Natural Resource System Management
  • – Environmental Wildlife Management
  • – Environmental Education
  • – Urban and City Planning Management
  • – Waste Utilization

Collaboration with international university

  • – Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
  • – Keio University, Japan
  • – Food and Agriculture Materials Inspection Center (FAMIC), Kyoto University, Japan
  • – Leeds University, UK
  • – Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, China
  • – University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia
  • – National University of Laos, Laos
  • – University of Battambang, Cambodia
  • – Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam

The mission of Department of Environmental Science is more than developing human resource in Bachelor specialized in environmental management, Master and Doctoral graduate from environmental science can serve the social with additional on research that useful in environmental problem solving of both social and nation continuously and sustain. Moreover, academic service in environment for public in nation and international as environmental consultants and conserve the nation culture with passing the ethic from generation to generation is also our role. The department aims to be the main driving force on leading the conservation and solving the nation’s environmental problems sustainably which served as the same mission of the Kasetsart University’s mission on knowledge of the land for nation wealth.