Environmental Technology and Management

About the department

Established in 1996, the Department of Environmental Technology and Management is one of the leading institutes of Thailand engaged in developing new techniques and built new knowledge to solve environmental problems, locally and regionally. We produce environmental scientists and experts to tackle environmental challenges and to conserve natural resources. At present, the Department is offering bachelor, master’s and PhD degrees.

The curricula for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as research fields and interests of the staff members cover all major subjects of environmental studies. All academic staff members have earned PhD degree and have vast experience in teaching and conducting research. Currently, the Department of Environmental Technology and Management has three specific areas of interdisciplinary specialization:

  1. Environmental technology: water and soil pollutants, air and noise pollution, solid waste, hazardous waste and waste management, remediation, eco-toxicology etc.
  2. Environmental management: green technology, waste utilization technology, environmental policy, cleaner technology, life cycle assessment and management, carbon footprint and labeling etc.
  3. Environmental ecology: marine ecology, freshwater ecology, tropical forest and terrestrial ecology, conservation biology, ecological restoration, bio-indicators, ecological economics and policies, agro-ecology and biodiversity etc.

The Department of Environmental Technology and Management also leads several research units, including the Center of Excellence on environmental strategy for GREEN business (VGREEN), environmental technology research unit, and ecology research unit, which have made us a strong research department. Our academics also work with community groups, government agencies, industries, and other Thailand-based researchers, to address different environmental issues and concerns. Internationally, we have established strong collaboration with many countries around the world, such as Australia, Austria, France, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, and the USA. These important connections provide an excellent opportunity for our students and academic staff members to gain valuable knowledge and experience from foreign experts.

The Department of Environmental Technology and Management is located in the Faculty of Environment, Kasetsart University, on the 4th and 5th floors. The Department’s facilities include analytical chemistry laboratories with extensive instrumentation, ecology and microbiology laboratories, and computers and GIS facilities.

For students, experiencing comprehensive education is very important for their future career. We not only teach students in classrooms, but also in the field. The Department arranges field trips for undergraduate and postgraduate students every year to increase their knowledge and broaden their understanding of the real world. A field trip covers a variety of scientific and ecological activities, such as water and soil monitoring, biodiversity assessment (forest, freshwater and marine), pollution control, and waste management.

Graduates from the Department of Environmental Technology and Management can pursue higher studies and can work in the government, state enterprise and private sectors as well as independent organizations. The Department’s graduate production also takes into account the requirements and regulations of the Council of Science and Technology Professionals of Thailand in order to provide graduates with standardized skills, knowledge, and expertise suitable for professional advancement in science and technology in pollution control, and environmental and health impact assessment.